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About Warmteservice

Warmteservice is an omnichannel B2B wholesaler supplying heating, sanitization and installation materials - a family business of craftsmen for craftsmen. Relevant recommendations on the product and the cart page by SPARQUE.AI ensure that customers don’t forget to order materials or parts needed for a job. But in addition, if needed, Warmteservice sends a reminder e-mail at the end of a business day. That’s “perfectly arranged”.

Product recommendation and cross-sell options based on shopping cart

How SPARQUE.AI helped Warmteservice

SPARQUE.AI predicts based on order data, as well as the items currently in the shopping cart, which products from complementary product categories are ideal cross-sell candidates. Recommendations based on one product already carry a reasonable probability. But with two more items in the cart, the accuracy increases to around 95%, which makes the recommendations shown on product detail and cart page very likely to convert.

But there's more. All orders of a customer on that day are screened, and after checking that ideal cross- or up-sellers are absent in subsequent orders, a special e-mail is sent to invite the customer to make a supplementary order before 11.p.m.

the right recommendation engine to guide our customers on their journey.

Stef van de Hoorn, Director Operations Warmteservice Groep

“SPARQUE.AI listens. We have looked for a while to find the right recommendation engine that could guide our customers in their journey. SPARQUE.AI offers not only the technology but also the expertise to get things done our way.”

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